Sunday, September 21, 2014

Golden Phantoms and Inline Skates

Hello, jammers! Today's new item is located at the Diamond Shop! Please re-welcome the Golden Phantoms!
Only one diamond! Wow! I've always loved golden phantoms! I hope the rest of them come in stores soon!

Playing Nicely & Safely - Safety Tips

Hey jammers! The land of Jamaa is beautiful, it's a wonderful place where Jammers can live & explore, Jamaa is very magical! There's some bad Jammers in the land of Jamaa, it's very important all Jammers play together & be helpful! 
Being helpful, and kind makes other Jammers feel happy! Good Jammers make the land of Jamaa a better place, because they are always kind & helpful. You should always be polite in Jamaa too, being welcoming is always important!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Banyan Tree + New Gem Code

Hey jammers! The Banyan Tree is now available in Treetop Gardens located in Sarapia Forest! What a perfect item to celebrate the Pet Monkeys arriving in Jamaa! Have fun shopping!
We're having a lovely collection of gardening items, right? A new code sounds interesting indeed! Enter 'spooky' when you log into Jamaa for a 500 Gem bonus! Night of the Phantoms is coming, can't you feel it?
Sky High, in Coral Canyons is on double Gems for these remaining 2 weeks! Any good at playing Sky High? Remember a different game will be on double Gems soon!

Be A Jammer Not A Scammer - Safety Tips

Hey jammers! I'd thought I'll post a very important safety reminder! Sadly there's some bad Jammers in Jamaa who feel it's fun to scam- scamming is where people unfairly take your items away. You can simply ignore these scammers & have a happy day in the beautiful land of Jamaa. 
Scaming is not good, when you scam you're making a Jammer upset. Avoid scammers in Jamaa, if you see a scammer simply report the user to AJHQ - AJHQ will then be able to stop the user. Always help other Jammers, never scam!

Friday, September 19, 2014

TBA (To Be Announced) Miniature Pet Adventure Pre-Release

Hey jammers! It seems we had an issue with sourcing on a previous post about the TBA adventure glitch. Remember when you're reporting (whether it be on a website, school project, anything) to always make sure your source is willing to have their information shared. And if they are, be sure to give them the credit necessary (like a work cited or a bibliography in a research essay). Anywho, on to TBA!

These pictures were submitted by Ronen, when they discovered the TBA Adventure in their adventure menu. 
I see my owwwwlll. ^.^ It seems AJHQ accidentally published this little adventure before it was finished. Ruh roh! I've done that with posts before, hehe. Put since we have the pictures let's take a look!